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Breast Augmentation Revision

In terms of patient satisfaction, there are few procedures that outrank breast augmentation, but many women will need a secondary surgery. Las Vegas, Nevada plastic surgeons Dr. Michael Edwards and Dr. Terrence Higgins are among the country's top authorities on revision breast augmentation and specialize in this procedure for patients who want or need changes following their primary breast enhancement surgery. Since they are more complex than primary breast augmentations, revision procedures are best performed by a plastic surgeon with extensive experience.

Whether you need revision surgery to improve the results of a previous breast surgery or you'd like to change the size, shape, position, or feel of your breasts by exchanging breast implants, request a consultation at our cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Las Vegas. You can also call our office at (702) 822-2100 to schedule a consultation.

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Breast Augmentation Revision Before
Breast Augmentation Revision After

Our extensive online photo gallery of actual patients is supplemented by additional digital photos patients can browse at our office. The patient shown in the before-and-after photos above had a ruptured implant and underwent revision surgery with Dr. Higgins. View our photo gallery.

Is Breast Implant Revision Right for Me?

If you aren't satisfied with the outcome of your first surgery, or if changes have occurred that you'd like to address, you are a good candidate for revision surgery. However, if your primary breast augmentation surgery was less than 6 months ago, you should wait before considering a revision procedure. Your body needs time to completely heal and it often takes several months before the final results are seen.

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"Dr. Edwards and staff, thank you so much for your awesome care and expertise. I appreciate your patience and compassion that you have shown to me. You have made this such a positive experience."

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Reasons for Revision Breast Augmentation

Not all revision procedures are performed due to complications. The vast majority of women are very satisfied with their breast augmentation results. However, the body changes with time, and implants are not lifetime devices, so most women will require a secondary breast augmentation procedure, whether or not they are happy with their initial results.

Following are some of the common reasons for revision breast augmentation:

Elective Implant Exchange

A woman may want to exchange older implants for one of the newer generation of implants that may not have been an option at the time of her primary breast augmentation surgery. This is the case for many women who exchange their saline-filled implants for the latest generation of silicone gel-filled implants. It is also common for women to choose a different size, shape or profile, or to want to change their implants from above or below the muscle.

Visible Deformities

Often the result of improper planning and execution, visible deformities may appear gradually or immediately after breast augmentation. These can include rippling, synmastia (bread-loafing or uniboob), or the double-bubble deformity. This can also include implant malposition, when an implant sits too high, too low, or too far to the middle or the side. Correct positioning requires an experienced surgeon who can repair or re-create the implant pocket for a pleasing result.





Capsular Contracture

The most common complication following breast augmentation surgery is capsular contracture. When scar tissue that forms around the implant tightens, it can distort the shape or position of the implant. Dr. Edwards and Dr. Higgins can release or remove this scar tissue, and may also make other surgical corrections depending on the patient's circumstances.

Breast Revision Before
Breast Revision After

Deflated Implant

Saline implants may rupture or leak, causing immediate deflation which can be distressing to patients. Ruptured silicone implants may not be noticeable and are only observed during an imaging test. In either case, revision surgery to replace the implant is necessary.

Breast Revision Before
Breast Revision After

How is Breast Implant Revision Surgery Performed?

Revision surgery is more complex than primary augmentation, and requires advanced surgical techniques that demand a level of expertise few surgeons have. Our surgeons excel at complex breast augmentation revision cases that often require a multi-dimensional approach. The presence of scar tissue, skin that's been stretched, and compromised chest anatomy present unique challenges during revision surgery. Specific surgical techniques used depend on the nature of the revision, but they include:

  • Including a breast lift during the revision procedure for patients whose breasts have changed since their breast augmentation because of weight fluctuations or pregnancy. This often occurs when a woman is exchanging breast implants that are several years old.
  • Changing from subglandular implant placement to a submuscular or dual-plane placement, also referred to as a site change. This is often the approach taken to avoid visible rippling because the breast tissue covering the implant is too thin. Dr. Edwards and Dr. Higgins also will use a submuscular placement because it's less prone to capsular contracture.
  • Repairing a pocket that's too large or misplaced. Internal sutures may be used alone, or our surgeons might combine the sutures with an acellular dermal matrix or synthetic material to reinforce support for the implant and provide enhanced coverage.

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

Your recuperation following breast implant revision surgery in our Las Vegas practice is similar to after the initial breast augmentation, but it sometimes lasts a bit longer. This is because of the presence of scar tissue as well as any complications being corrected, which can make the procedure a bit more complex than a traditional augmentation. However, you should prepare for surgery and recovery the same way you prepared for your first breast augmentation. It's important to cease smoking for at least several weeks prior to surgery, have your prescriptions filled beforehand, and ensure you have plenty of comfortable, loose-fitting clothing on hand that doesn't need to be pulled over your head.

Your recuperative process can vary depending on the specifics of your procedure, and during your consultation, your surgeon provides you with a more specific outline of what you can expect.

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