Many people will recommend various dermabrasion facials for you to remove stretch marks, acne scars, old burn scars or irregular pigmentation, and they also claim that dermabrasion treatments help to greatly reduce the excess oil production on your skin that causes bad acne breakouts. However, how do you tell the difference between the various dermabrasion techniques in order to decide which type of treatment is best for you? In this article, we’ll examine how to pick the ideal method for treating your skin by spotting the important differences between the top dermabrasion treatments: dermabrasion for resurfacing deeper scars and lines, “microdermabrasion” to work on only your very top layer of skin and the trademarked DermaSweep method to more gently exfoliate your new skin while removing dead skin cells.

Dermabrasion treatments, which are only performed by a physician, are a way to effectively “sand off” deep wrinkles, acne scars and other facial imperfections that lie below the upper surface of your skin. In dermabrasion, you receive anesthesia while a handheld tool with a special rotating brush smooths out the skin around your scars. By removing the top layer of your skin down to the collagen level, your skin will grow back with a more uniformly smooth surface that can eliminate the appearance of old scars and lines. You’ll need to allow at least 10 days of recovery time with the application of antibiotic creams before applying makeup again; after a month, you’ll start to see long-lasting results.

Microdermabrasion, which can be performed by a skin care specialist or aesthetician, can require multiple appointments, but you don’t need any time for recovery because it only removes a very thin layer of dead skin. It cleans lots of excess oil from your pores and reduces the appearance of superficial scars. A microdermabrasion machine uses a high-pressure flow of fine aluminum-oxide crystals to polish and rejuvenate your skin. Your skin looks brighter and feels softer for weeks or months afterward.

DermaSweep is a new skin-treatment therapy that utilizes a vacuum pump with adjustable pressure and a fine nylon-tipped brush to sweep away dead skin, soften hyper-pigmentations, reduce fine lines and improve your overall skin texture. It’s best for those with very sensitive skin or for your very first facial treatment.

In conclusion, choose DermaSweep for the general improvement of highly irritable skin; choose microdermabrasion for minor blemishes on normal skin, and you can choose dermabrasion for drastic, long-lasting changes on skin with deeper damage.