Men’s Procedures

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From getting rid of of under eye bags, to Coolsculpting that midsection, men should never drop the ball on their appearance or feel uncomfortable. We have many male patients who come in for many of our procedures and services.
Your first step toward discovering what types of services that can restore your youthful appearance is to request a consultation. If you have additional questions or have specific scheduling needs, please call our office at 702-822-2100.

Excess Fat Removal With Liposuction

There are several different ways to remove fat with liposuction. The technique that remains most effective is tumescent liposuction, which limits a patient’s bleeding and bruising.

As with any cosmetic surgical procedure, it’s important that you have realistic expectations and are in good overall health. It’s particularly important if you’re considering liposuction to understand that it is not a weight-loss procedure. A good candidate for liposuction is already close to his or her ideal weight and is seeking to tone specific parts of the body by removing small areas of fat.

Patients who benefit most from liposuction also have good skin tone and elasticity, so the skin isn’t wrinkly or crepey once the fat is removed.

Your first step toward a customized facelift is to request a consultation online to meet with one of our plastic surgeons. You can also give us a call at 702-822-2100 to schedule an appointment.

What can I expect during recovery?

During your liposuction recovery, we will provide you with a compression garment that will control swelling and compress the skin to your new body contours.

In addition, small temporary drains may be placed in existing incisions beneath the skin to remove any excess blood or fluid.

You will also be given specific instructions that may include:

  • How to care for the surgical site and drains
  • Medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection
  • Specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general health
  • When to follow up with your plastic surgeon

It may take several months for the swelling to fully dissipate. As it does, your new contours and enhanced self-image should continue to develop.

Although your surgeon offers you a specific recuperation timeline during your consultation, most of our Las Vegas-area patients have relatively comfortable and uneventful periods of recovery. We recommend a stay of 10-14 days for our out-of-town patients and will help make arrangements.

For the first few days after your surgery, you can manage any discomfort with prescribed or over-the-counter pain relievers. Swelling and bruising are usually maximum at 3 days and improve over the next few weeks. Most people feel well enough to work at 2 weeks, but still have cosmetic signs such as swelling and bruising that they would rather others not see.

Redefine the Contours of Your Face

Defining your facial features with chin or cheek implants can create the facial structures you desire. We offer silicone implants for the jaw, cheek, and chin here at our Las Vegas plastic surgery practice and are excellent options for patients who genetically have inadequate projection or would like more prominent facial features. Injectable fillers can replace soft tissue, but a stronger underlying bony framework is best achieved with implants.

Are facial implants right for me?

Your skin, soft tissues, and bone structure define your facial appearance. Aging alters your features with changes to your skin and the loss of soft tissue. Your underlying facial bones, though, may be something that bothers you even as a young adult. A recessed chin or flat cheeks, for example, can make you self-conscious. Getting a cheek or chin implant at our Las Vegas practice can give definition to facial features and bring balanced proportion and symmetry to your appearance. Some patients may alternatively benefit from injectable filler treatments. Dr. Anson, Dr. Higgins, or Dr. Silver can evaluate your facial structures and skin and make a recommendation

How is facial implant surgery performed?

In all facial implant procedures, implants are inserted through small incisions. For a chin implant, we prefer using a small incision below the chin. The scar is inconspicuous and typically heals very well in that area. Additionally, it avoids complications with teeth roots that are possible with an interior incision. Cheek implants are generally inserted through incisions made inside the mouth, along the upper gums. There are many shapes and sizes of implants available and, along with our recommendations, you will be involved in making these selections.

Gain the Confidence You Need with Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia, the clinical name for enlarged male breasts, can affect both sides of the chest, only the nipple, or the entire pectoral area. You can correct the condition with male breast reduction surgery.

Good candidates for male breast reduction surgery have tried other remedies, are generally healthy, and are at a stable weight. Although excess fat tissue is one reason for enlarged breasts, there are often multiple causes of gynecomastia, including hormone imbalance and genetic conditions. Certain drugs, including steroids, have also been shown to abnormally increase breast size.

How Is Male Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

The surgical method used will depend on your specific condition. Male breast reduction surgery typically removes breast tissue and skin and can involve liposuction. Patients with good skin elasticity can expect their skin to shrink once excess glandular and fatty tissue is removed.

The most reliable treatment for gynecomastia involves making small incisions below the areolas, the dark skin surrounding the nipples, to remove excess glandular tissue. Liposuction is used to suction fat and sculpt your chest so it’s contoured and appears normal. Male breast reduction can also be combined with other body contouring procedures for certain patients.

Enlarged breasts can be a source of embarrassment for teenaged boys and men, affecting their willingness to participate in certain physical activities and their self-esteem.


Real Patients, Real Results





What is   ?

CoolSculpting is completely unique in the world of nonsurgical fat reduction procedures. That’s because it freezes away fat cells for lasting, targeted results exactly where you want them. Although the science is advanced, the concept is relatively simple. Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than skin or muscle, so CoolSculpting doesn’t cause any damage to surrounding tissues. Once the targeted cells are frozen, they die in a programmed way called apoptosis. The dead fat cells are then removed from your body via its natural cleansing process.

With no surgery, no needles, and even no anesthesia, CoolSculpting is completely changing the way we think about fat reduction. Our CoolSculpting patients in Las Vegas love how easily it fits into their busy lifestyles. Our surgeons love its proven science and safety record. Here, learn more about how it works and what it can do for your body.

How Are  Treatments Performed?

CoolSculpting is performed in our office as an outpatient procedure. It begins with your practitioner applying a gel pad to the area of your body being treated. The pad feels cool and moist. The CoolSculpting applicator is then attached to your skin with suction, so you can expect to feel a pulling sensation as the device starts working. The entire treatment takes about an hour for a single area, and during this time you can relax, read, or browse the internet on your phone. The procedure is not painful and the initial sensation of intense cold quickly goes away.



Facial fillers and neuromodulator injections are injections that either soften the looks of lines and wrinkles. or prevent the muscle movement from creating them to begin with. Fillers also give extra volume where volume loss may have occured.

Dermal fillers can be combined with other injections, like the Neuromodulator injection, for a more comprehensive approach to non-invasive rejuvenation. Fillers are also used as an adjunct to surgical procedures. Learn about the injectable treatments we offer.

Injectable Filler

Changes in volume due to loss of fat in particular areas of the faceis one of the first noticeable signs of aging. Volume loss creates a hollow appearance that can make you look older than you actually are. This process marks the early stages of facial aging, becoming noticeable in your 30s and 40s. We offer injectable dermal fillers, such as RADIESSE®, Restylane® and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA, at our Las Vegas practice, to restore volume, give you plumper cheeks, and fill out lines and creases around your mouth.

Are injectable fillers right for me?

Men and women who are concerned about early signs of aging but who aren’t ready for a surgical facelift are the patients we most commonly treat with dermal fillers. Our doctors may recommend combining fillers with BOTOX®Cosmetic injections, which temporarily immobilize muscles that cause frown lines and crow’s feet.

Autologous fat transfer is another excellent option for many patients who need to restore volume to their faces or hands. Using liposuction, fat is taken from one area of your body, such as the abdomen or hips, processed, and then injected where it’s needed.

Good candidates for fillers still have good skin texture and elasticity. Fillers are designed to soften or eliminate lines around the mouth and nasolabial folds and enhance the mid-face area around the cheeks.

Skincare For Men

Chemical peels are non-surgical procedures that improve your skin’s appearance and texture by gently removing its outer layers. At Plastic Surgery Associates, superficial chemical peels are done in our Las Vegas office by one of our medical aestheticians. A superficial peel exfoliates your skin. Our doctors perform deeper peels that offer more dramatic results.

Learn how you can smooth wrinkles or treat sun-damaged skin with chemical peels and microdermabrasion by requesting a consultation, or call our office at702-822-2100 to schedule an appointment.


It’s important to understand that not all chemical peels are the same, but they are all valuable treatments that can be an alternative or complement to facial plastic surgery. There are generally 3 categories of peels:

Superficial chemical peel: These are the mildest type of peel and, as the name implies, affect only the outer layer of skin. They can be used on all skin types and require no downtime.

Medium and Deep Chemical Peels: These are deeper and are performed by our doctors. TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and Phenol can be used in varying strength to achieve deeper penetration for more severe sun damage or other problems. Downtime can range from 5-10 days, depending on the peel’s depth. A consultation is important to determine if a chemical peel is appropriate for you.

Dermabrasion: Do not confuse microdermabrasion with dermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliating technique (similar to superficial chemical peel results). Dermabrasion is a much deeper procedure similar to a deep chemical peel or deep laser resurfacing. It involves mechanical removal of the top layers of the skin and requeires 5 to 10 days of downtime.