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The team of specialists at Anson, Edwards & Higgins is second to none among plastic surgery practices in Las Vegas. The trio of plastic surgeons, along with dermatologist Dr. Alison Tam, offers patients a range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. The unique approach pursued at our practice includes each of the surgeons concentrating their skills in specific areas.

If you are considering revisional or cosmetic plastic surgery in Las Vegas, request a consultation online to meet personally with one of our renowned specialists, or call our practice at 702-822-2100 to schedule an appointment.

Our Services

Each member of our surgical team specializes in one of the following areas:

  • Face

    Dr. Goesel Anson and Dr. Terrence Higgins are specialists in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and are known nationally for their excellent results.

  • Breast

    Both Dr. Michael Edwards and Dr. Terrence Higgins have earned reputations for their cosmetic breast surgery results and Dr. Edwards is recognized as an authority in complex revision breast enhancement surgery.

  • Body

    Dr. Terrence Higgins and Dr. Michael Edwards are trained in state-of-the-art body contouring surgical procedures, including the most advanced liposuction techniques.

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