The arms are some of the most visible parts on the human body. That’s why everyone wants to keep them looking good all the time. These days, most women are after those elusive toned upper arms, but looking like a fitness model can take a lot of time and dedication that doesn’t always pay off in the end. When diet and exercise don’t seem to do the trick, consider an upper arm reduction treatment with Plastic Surgery Associates in Las Vegas, NV. Upper arm reduction procedures can help you shrink arm size, eliminate “wavy” arms, and increase muscular definition–and there are a number of effective options for you to choose from, both surgical and non-surgical.


Liposuction is a proven and traditional method for removing arm fat and decreasing arm size in a relatively short amount of time. First, a small incision is made in the skin to serve as an entry point for insertion of a tube. Next, the tube is inserted into the fatty layer and slid into the desired location. Your board-certified plastic surgeon then pushes the tube back and forth into the fatty tissue to break it up so that it can be suctioned out using a special device. You would be placed under anesthesia throughout the entire duration of the surgery.


Liposonix is a great alternative to Liposuction if you don’t like the idea of going under the knife or you aren’t a good candidate for surgery. This revolutionary procedure involves using a handheld device that emits ultrasonic energy to heat and destroy fat cells. Your provider will rub this device over desired areas, and the fatty tissue in those areas should gradually disappear over time. Liposonix does not involve any type of surgery, and the external tissues would not be damaged by the ultrasonic waves in any way. Significant results are typically seen after a period of 8 to 12 weeks as your body’s lymphatic system slowly flushes the destroyed fat cells away forever.

If you’re not currently happy with the way that your arms look, turn to Plastic Surgery Associates in Las Vegas, NV for a life-changing arm reduction procedure. Whether you prefer to go the conventional route of Liposuction or the less invasive route of Liposonix, you’ll have both options available to you and our skilled practitioners will help you determine which option is right for your needs.