There are many variables you should consider when determining whether aesthetic plastic surgery is right for you. In addition to the visible and mental changes, you must also consider who your plastic surgeon is. This includes whether they have an affiliation with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

What is the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery?

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a professional organization of board-certified plastic surgeons. As the world’s largest organization of its kind, ASAPS is regarded as the leading authority on aesthetic procedures for both the face and body. The organization was founded in 1967 and now boasts more than 2,600 global members, which are called Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. This group of professionals has earned their ASAPS membership by demonstrating their commitment to excellence within the aesthetic plastic surgery industry.

ASAPS Smart Beauty GuidePatient Education

One of the primary goals of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is to provide quality educational materials. This includes the Smart Beauty Guide, which is a handy patient resource that outlines most aesthetic procedures. This guide empowers you with up-to-date information and comprehensive stats that allow you to make informed decisions about your beauty goals. The ASAPS database is another important resource that can tell you whether your plastic surgeon is thoroughly qualified with the appropriate board certifications. ASAPS supports many patient advocacy issues to ensure everyone has access to safe and reliable procedures.

Professional Resources

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery also provides its members with medical education and takes an active role in promoting educational standards for plastic surgeons. As such, ASAPS operates as a research organization that collects relevant data on aesthetic procedures. ASAPS publishes the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, often regarded as one of the most authoritative publications in the world regarding aesthetic surgeries.

ASAPS Members

You can use the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the above-mentioned resources to make sure your plastic surgeon has the proper training, membership and certifications. ASAPS thoroughly vets its members, all of whom hold certifications from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Members must also update their training and education by performing surgical and non-surgical procedures. ASAPS membership is exclusive and coveted; only 25 percent of certified surgeons are accepted, making this an elite group of surgeons whom you’ll want performing your plastic surgery procedure.

Plastic Surgeons You Can Trust

You can rely on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to find the right plastic surgeon with credentials you can trust. Plastic Surgery Associates is proud and honored to be listed as one of those trusted providers. Our own Dr. Michael Edwards has even recently served as president of ASAPS, making his expertise as an aesthetic plastic surgeon all that much more distinguished. Contact Plastic Surgery Associates today to learn more about aesthetic procedures, and about our trusted team of board-certified plastic surgeons in Las Vegas.