The latest development to come busting onto the cosmetic surgery scene and our Las Vegas plastic surgery practice is Allergan’s long-awaited NATRELLE® INSPIRA® gel breast implant, which finally received a green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in early 2015. The FDA sets national standards for the safety of medical products, so their stamp of approval means that INSPIRA implants are ready to hit the market.

Allergan has been an international player in the healthcare field for over 60 years. The INSPIRA implants will join Allergan’s NATRELLE line of products as yet another option for women seeking breast augmentation or reconstruction. Considering that the NATRELLE line already offers the largest and most diverse range of implants with close to 250 size options available, what more can the INSPIRA bring to the operating table? INSPIRA implants have a higher fill ratio that allows for greater shaping options, which produces more natural looking results. Instead of having to find the perfect implants to match the patient’s body, these implants give doctors greater flexibility in catering to the patient’s desired look.

When most people hear about breast implants, they usually think about cosmetic breast enlargement, but that is only a small facet of the industry. Breast reconstruction allows women who have lost their breasts because of cancer or other trauma to look and feel like their old selves again. Of course, women with no medical conditions get breast augmentation for many different reasons including to restore breast firmness after pregnancy. INSPIRA implants are approved for all of these uses.

The cosmetic surgery field, breast augmentation in particular, has evolved in leaps within the past few decades. In the early days of breast enhancement, women were worried about the potential side effects of implants, but products and procedures today are common and safer than ever. Indeed, many women with older silicone and saline implants are even making the switch to newer products because they look better. Whereas older options were obviously implants, newer products like INSPIRA look and feel like the real deal.

If you want to know more about INSPIRA implants, contact us and we can answer all of your questions about this exciting new option for women.