There is an interesting new treatment for cellulite that is causing a buzz – Cellulaze. It is a laser technology that is designed to disrupt the fibrous bands that cause the dimples characteristic of cellulite as well as promote collagen formation to tighten skin above the treated areas. There have been many attempts at the eradication of cellulite including caffeinated topical creams, mesotherapy solutions, wraps, endermology, and even “cellulite diets.” Up to this point, I believe that endermolgy has shown the only worthwhile albeit short-term results. The clinical studies behind the Cellulaze are somewhat short in duration, but nevertheless seem to show some real (temporary) improvement.

Like any technology that can be truly affective, Cellulaze has pitfalls and complications associated with its use. Burns, hyper-pigmentation of skin, tissue loss, fluid collection under  skin, and contour irregularities are all possible when this laser is used incorrectly. As always, my advice is to seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a consultation before undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Higgins