A facelift can bring back the contours that once defined our youthful faces. Restored definition is the foundation of a new and more youthful look; enhancing it with laser skin care treatments makes for a complete package.

Facelifts do minimize the appearance of wrinkles by lifting the muscles that lie beneath the skin. However, laser skin resurfacing and other laser treatments make the skin look even younger, refreshed and even toned. A laser treatment addresses the skin directly, making it the perfect complement to a facelift.

Laser skin resurfacing, also known as a laser peel, gently and safely removes the outer layer of skin, or epidermis. The layer beneath, or dermis, also benefits from treatments as they promote collagen fiber growth. Collagen is the active ingredient in many beauty creams, but laser peels deliver it directly to the target area instead of the skin’s surface where it can’t provide any real benefit.

Laser peels also effectively treat any areas of the skin that didn’t respond optimally to a facelift. Laser skin treatments also reduce other signs of aging like brown spots, warts, acne and injury scars, fine lines and poor skin tone.

A facelift can erase years from your face and give you a fresh new outlook. If you’ve invested in yourself with this powerful beauty procedure, you may also benefit from the beauty-boosting effects of a laser skin treatment. It’s a great way to enhance the results of your surgery and give you an even younger, more refreshed appearance.