Does It Matter Where I Go to Get my Filler?

The short answer is YES, DEFINITELY! Where you get your filler done matters!

Fillers have become very popular, and with that popularity, there has been an explosion in the number of “providers” offering these treatments.

However, choosing who will perform your injectable treatments can be difficult. A quick search on Google for, “Fillers Las Vegas” results in over 5 pages of possible results!

Of course, not all providers will have the same amount of training, detailed knowledge of the anatomy, and technical skill required to give you the best result possible.

To illustrate how important this can be, I recently had a patient that had an injection performed by an inexperienced provider, because it was going to cost her less. Unfortunately, the provider injected the filler into a blood vessel (the supratrochlear artery), which blocked the blood flow to a large area on her forehead. This is one of the major risks of filler injections, and the sign of a problem is subtle, but can be seen in the photo below.

The whiter colored skin in the center of the forehead (shaded in blue in the lower photo) is no longer receiving enough blood flow because of the blocked artery.

Without emergency treatment, the effected area of skin would have likely turned black and fell off, leaving a large open wound on the forehead. She has severe pain a few hours after the filler was placed. Thankfully, she came to our office and received energy enzyme treatment over three days and the blockage of the blood flow was reversed.

Here she is two months later, happy to not have a large wound on her forehead…

Questions to consider asking your chosen injector:

How were you trained to do this?

How long did it take for you to get trained?

Who supervises you and is that person here?

If there is a problem (like the vascular injection above), do you have the enzyme treatment available right now?