Many women deal with underwhelming eyelashes that are too short, thin, or sparse. They often envy men, who typically have naturally longer and fuller lashes than the ladies. While mascara and fake lashes serve a very temporary purpose, most women would like to enjoy having luscious lashes for more than just a few hours.

Enter Latisse.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is an eyelash enhancing formula that received FDA approval in late 2008. Users apply a few dabs of Latisse to the base of the upper eyelid once a night. Blinking for several seconds will transfer the formula to the lower lash. After about two months of consistent applications, users should notice a significant increase in the length of the hairs, the thickness of the hairs, and the number of hairs present in the lash. At this point, applications can be made once every other night to maintain the look.

How Does It Work

This eyelash growth promoter was originally discovered in its original form as a product used to treat glaucoma. Researchers noticed that a side-effect of the original eye drop was that it sped up the growth of eyelashes. Strangely enough, the exact process behind the amazing effects of Latisse isn’t fully understood. What’s clear is that the existing lashes actually become longer and fuller for a period of weeks.

Is Latisse Safe?

Having been approved by the FDA, Latisse is believed to be safe for most users. Individuals with skin allergies or specific eye problems should consult a doctor before using Latisse.

If you want healthy and sexy lashes that are completely natural, Latisse can make it happen. Women of all ages have experienced success with this product, but men can surely benefit from it as well.