Long & ultra thick eyelashes are always in style. Which means that easy-to-reach for mascaras or false eyelashes have become absolute staples in many women’s makeup arsenal. They give instant volume and plushness you love, but with any eyelash product, you should evaluate how well your skincare routine is after usage. Over time, once thick lashes can become sparse due to fall-out

Here are 5 Habits to Boot to keep healthy lashes that last a lifetime!

You’re rubbing your eyes too hard!

Mascara is easily one of the hardest makeup products to remove. Be sure to use an oil-based eye remover to gently remove mascara from your delicate eyelashes when cleansing your skin. Especially with mascara on, you’re most likely tugging on those precious strands of hair. Not to mention when allergy season kicks in…resist the urge to dig in and rub your eyes. This not only pulls on eyelashes, but may create fine lines and wrinkles over time.

You fall asleep with mascara on!

We all know that sleeping in makeup is taboo, but sleeping with mascara on is like sleeping with hairspray on your lashes! Mascara stiffens your eyelash hairs and manipulates them into curl, but when kept on overnight, leaves them prone to breakage. Just like split-ends!

You believe falsies are life!

Falsies add the perfect amount of drama to your eyes, but when removed improperly can pull out strands along with that lash glue! If you’re removing your false eyelashes without makeup remover after a night out, then you are seriously damaging your natural lashes! Soak a q-tip with eye makeup remover to loosen the lash glue. then gently remove. Resist the urge to rip those beauties right off, no matter how satisfying it may feel!

You LOVE waterproof Mascara!

When you only wear waterproof mascara, it can seriously dry out & damage healthy eyelash hairs! Dry eyelashes turn into brittle lashes, that can break easily! Stay on the safe side and only use waterproof mascara sparingly.

You love to curl your lashes!

Is your favorite tool in your makeup arsenal, your trusted hot eyelash curler? Or do you clamp down hard to create the perfect dolled-up lashes? Curled lashes, look amazing, but there is a steep price to pay! Burned lashes equate to no lashes! Save them for special occasions or opt for false lashes instead.

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