Breast asymmetry is not entirely unusual, but it can cause distress if the difference is very noticeable. Women in this situation often opt to correct this issue with implants as provided by a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Breasts of Different Sizes

One type of asymmetry is a difference in size when one breast is at least one cup size larger than the other. In this instance, a plastic surgeon places implants of different sizes into the patient’s breasts. In cases when the difference is not as dramatic, the asymmetry can be corrected with saline implants.

Sagging Breasts

Sometimes, there is a difference in the amount of skin in the breast area, and when one side has more skin than the other, the two can look asymmetrical. That’s because the breast with excessive skin has the potential to sag more than the other one. This condition occurs most often in women who breastfed their children.

The answer in this situation is to perform a breast lift with augmentation. During the lift, the surgeon removes excess skin. By adding an implant, the surgeon reshapes the breast so that the patient’s entire figure appears to be balanced again. In most cases, a woman can have both of these procedures done at the same time.

Abnormal Development During Puberty

The above-described conditions usually occur in older women, but asymmetry can present itself when a young girl’s breasts are developing. During puberty, a girl with this congenital condition may have breasts that resemble the shape of a tube. Sometimes, it only happens on one side.

This malady has a solution in implants as well. First, the surgeon will need to make incisions to release the constricting bands that are causing the breasts to be misshapen. Then, the surgeon will place an implant in the breast to improve symmetry.

When Breast Augmentation Is a Necessity

Breast augmentation is not just about going bigger, as many people falsely believe. When a woman’s breasts are two very different sizes, she may feel self-conscious and uncomfortable around people. After she receives implants and the condition is corrected, her self-esteem increases because she feels much better about the way she looks.

Plastic surgery is a legitimate solution to a problem that causes many women to suffer emotional distress and discomfort. Contact our practice today to find out if a breast surgery can improve symmetry for your figure.