What is a Capsule?

After a breast augmentation using breast implants, your body will naturally create a capsule around the implant to wall it off. Therefore, every patient who has a breast implant will have a soft, flexible capsule surrounding that implant after she is fully healed.

What is Capsular Contracture?

When the capsule surrounding the implant becomes tight instead of flexible and soft, the breasts may not feel natural, but hard and uncomfortable. This is what is known as capsular contracture.

How Does it Happen?

The cause of capsular contracture is still being widely studied, but we’ve seen that infections can be a contributor to capsular contracture, and not just infections as the result of a surgery, but things as simple as a sinus infection can cause the capsule surrounding the implant to become to tight and stiff.

What Can Be Done About Capsular Contracture?

If it’s early enough, massaging the area can help as well as vitamin E. Some providers will offer other off-label products to help with home treatment. However, if these treatments don’t yield the necessary results, another surgery would be recommended to correct the issue.

Watch the video on RealSelf.com where Dr. Edwards explains Capsular Contracture and the measures taken to correct it.