Are you happy with your breasts? Research shows that most women, regardless of age, have some issues with their breasts. The most common concerns revolve around unevenness, sagging, and size.

Many women take issue with the size of their breasts. This self-consciousness usually begins during puberty and never ends for many of us. It’s important to recognize that sometimes this issue really isn’t an issue at all. Many women with breasts that are perfectly proportional to the rest of their bodies nevertheless feel that their breasts are too small. Breast size can easily be altered with breast augmentation surgery at our Las Vegas plastic surgery practice.

Unevenness is another major concern. Quite a few women actually do have breasts that are two different shapes and sizes. This discrepancy can range from slight to significant, making many women self-conscious. Media perception can also make it seem as though all the other women have perfectly even breasts, but this isn’t even remotely true. Once again, this is a problem that is easily addressed through surgery.

Sagging begins to affect nearly all women once they surpass their mid-20s. Since it’s a visible sign of age, many women become extremely upset about sagging tissue. This condition can be treated with breast lifts and fills that are extremely fast and easy to perform. They’re almost always performed as out-patient procedures nowadays.

Breasts are one of the key features women tend to be the most self-conscious about. They don’t need to be, however, as most breast issues are easily treatable. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your appearance, know that there are many options available to you.