preventing double bubble in breast augmentation in Las Vegas

While a board certified plastic surgeon will make every effort to avoid a “double bubble” during breast augmentation, they can occur when the patient has a tight lower fold in their breast. When the surgeon places the implant into a patient with a tight lower fold in the breast, they must lower the fold. However, this doesn’t always expand out the skin.

Another reason for the “double bubble” is muscle action. If the muscle in the breast is still intact and tight, it will continue to hold the breast as it was in its original state before implants with the implant sitting just below causing the “double bubble”, an unattractive look.

The good news is that there is a treatment for a “double bubble” after breast augmentation and other ways to prevent this from happening in a patient with specific qualities to her breasts. Watch the video, where Dr. Edwards, from our Las Vegas plastic surgery practice explains the “double bubble” and how it can be prevented or treated by a board certified plastic surgeon.