When it comes to plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States, liposuction is still the undisputed king of the hill. Liposuction removes some fat deposits that resist exercise and dieting in individuals who are a healthy weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

The number of liposuctions ballooned from just over 200,000 treatments in 2010 to 325,332 in 2011. That’s an increase of over 60 percent in just one year. 2012 saw a slight reduction of around 1 percent, but there were still around 315,000 liposuctions performed in 2013, which kept it as the number one plastic surgery treatment in the U.S.

There are many types of liposuction procedures that are used to produce a more slender and shapely figure. In our practice, however, we focus on tumescent liposuction.  With Tumescent Liposuction, the surgeon infuses a blend of anesthesia, a saline solution and a medication that constricts blood vessels into the area to be treated. Then, a metal wand called a cannula is used to aspirate the infused liquid and the excess body fat.

Those looking for a non-surgical option will also find Liposonix available in our practice, which uses ultrasound energy to melt the fat through the skin without making any incisions. This is a good liposuction alternative procedure for those who aren’t good candidates for surgery, as determined during a consultation.

Liposuction can be used to eliminate fatty deposits in the abdomen, neck, arms, thighs and almost anywhere you might have an accumulation of fatty tissue. While it is primarily thought of as a procedure that women elect to have, more men are undergoing liposuction for their stubborn fatty pockets. The procedure is equally efficient on young and old people. The success of the procedure makes it ideal if you who want to streamline your body and give yourself a more attractive, proportionate silhouette.