If you’re experiencing vulvar discomfort or you’re not happy with the appearance of your vaginal labia, a cosmetic procedure called labiaplasty might be an ideal solution. Labiaplasty changes the size and shape of your outer or inner vaginal labia to improve your self-confidence and reduce skin irritation and other problems associated with enlarged or misshapen labia. Before your surgery, it’s important to know what you should expect during the recovery period so you can make arrangements for your post-surgical recovery and get a rough timeline on when you can resume normal activities.

Labiaplasty Recovery Time

Compared to some other cosmetic procedures, labiaplasty recovery time is relatively short. You’ll need to take at least two or three days off from work; a longer absence may be required for complicated procedures. The time off will allow you to avoid undue friction caused by activity, thus decrease the risk of swelling. You should be able to both sit and walk on the day of your procedure, but you should avoid rigorous activities and sexual intercourse for four to six weeks.

Labiaplasty Post-Surgery Expectations

Pain is usually minimal after surgery, but your surgeon will provide instructions for pain management, which may include prescription anti-inflammatories and pain reducers. Because absorbable sutures are used to close your incisions, you won’t need to have any stitches removed. Your surgeon can provide more specific details about your recovery and any lifestyle modifications you’ll need to make during your recovery. After all tissues are fully healed, which usually takes about six weeks, you should have the desired appearance and improved function provided by removal of the excess labial tissue.

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