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How You Can Get Luscious Lips

For those of you who were not born with plump, luscious lips, there are many options available that can help you get those amazing lips you have always wanted. From simple makeup products to cosmetic surgery, various treatments are available to help aide you in achieving to-die-for lips.The process of creating luscious lips begins with simple skin … Read More

Plastic Surgery Options for Burns and Wounds

If you have suffered a burn or other scarring wound, the pain of the trauma can last far beyond the initial injury. Many times, these injuries mar the appearance, affect mobility and cause loss of sensation. However, with today’s technologies and medical advances, plastic surgery is a valid option to restore you to original function and appearance.You … Read More

Eczema treatments your doctor can prescribe for you

Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition. If you think you have eczema, look for inflammation, red skin, and itching. Other cases may include an outbreak of scaly lesions. The good news is, eczema is not contagious, and you need not quarantine yourself until you’re diagnosed by a professional. Your dermatological provider will prescribe different treatment plans, depending … Read More

Firming Up After Childbirth With Labiaplasty

Many like to imagine that childbirth is a beautiful and miraculous experience. While bringing a child into the world is rather breathtaking for any new mother, the actual experience and aftermath are life-changing beyond sleepless nights and sore nipples. Everything changes. Life changes. Your body changes. Everything that was once firm and trim is now stretched out … Read More

Vitamins you should be sure to take when you turn 40

It seems that everyone wants to grow older, but no one enjoys appearing to be her actual age. While hair can be colored and wardrobes can be updated to make one look younger, a person’s skin can often let out the secret of carefully hidden maturity. Covering up unhealthy skin with cosmetics is not the best solution … Read More

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