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Silicone Breast Implants: Get the Facts

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Even here in Las Vegas, we’re still explaining the safety of silicone breast implants years after the FDA release of silicone implants. The myths surrounding the “silicone scare” of the 180s are still quite prevalent today. The stories of  the “bad” silicone implants of yesterday are now being kept alive by the foolishness and greed of the makers of the PIP implants out of France. The founder Jean Claude Mas has acted criminally in the manufacturing of his silicone implants by the use of non-approved liquid silicone in his implants. As well as poor shell quality of these same devices. These silicone implants are not FDA approved and are not available for use in the US. The Current FDA approved implants made by Allergan and Mentor are used worldwide. These implants have undergone impressive rigorous studies that have conclusively shown the safety of these silicone implants…

Please read the article if you are interested in learning more about FDA approved silicone devices.

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