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Know Your Rights: Truth in Advertising for Medical Professionals Enforced in Nevada

The Clark County Medical Society’s mission is to ensure that the needs of doctors, patients and the community are met in a responsible manner. As president-elect of the society, these concerns are some of our very own Dr. Michael Edwards’ top priorities. One way that Dr. Edwards and the Clark County Medical Society will uphold their mission is by supporting the truth in advertising law that is currently in effect in Nevada.

Although there are laws on the books that protect patients, Dr. Edwards explains why this one is needed. The truth in advertising law does not just cover physicians. Also included are nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and physicians’ assistants.

Under the law, when you present yourself in a medical office, you are entitled to learn the identity of who will be taking care of you. You deserve to know how much training the individual has received and where he or she obtained it. You are also permitted to see these professionals’ credentials.

According to Dr. Edwards, problems have presented themselves in the past because medical professionals did not have the proper documentation. For example, some certifications are not recognized by the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners, and one is from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Another issue is silicone injection parties. Women who have attended these events have experienced disastrous consequences because they didn’t know who was performing the procedures. Rather than do vigorous research by asking the questions that the truth in advertising law encourages you to ask, they accepted the word of their friends who were hosting these parties.

The truth in advertising law was a necessary addition to the current legislation that concerns the medical industry. With its passage, you now have the ability to obtain more information on everyone who works in a doctor’s office.

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