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November 2015

After a Labiaplasty: Recovery Time and Expectations

If you’re experiencing vulvar discomfort or you’re not happy with the appearance of your vaginal labia, a cosmetic procedure called labiaplasty might be an ideal solution. Labiaplasty changes the size and shape of your outer or inner vaginal labia to improve your self-confidence and reduce skin irritation and other problems associated with enlarged or misshapen labia. Before … Read More

Breast Implants: Myths & Facts

You have probably heard a lot of things about breast implants. However, many of the things that you have heard are not true. Below, we dispel some of the myths and facts about breast implants at our Las Vegas plastic surgery practice: Myth #1 Breast Implants Are Designed to Last a Lifetime Fact: No medical device is … Read More

Breast Implant Removal: Top Questions Answered

When you originally opted for breast augmentation, you probably never thought you would have them removed. However, thousands of women undergo this type of procedure each year. Common reasons women opt for breast implant removal include: a desire to change the size of the implants sagging breasts due to the weight of the implants breast implant stability … Read More

Erasing the Stigma: Plastic Surgery

No disrespect meant to the dead, but Michael Jackson gave plastic surgery a bad name and a bad face to go with it. His money and mania took a handsome face and turned it into a Halloween mask. He had so many surgeries that real damage was done to his nose, eyes and lips, but he is … Read More

Top Plastic Surgery Misconceptions

Over a million people have cosmetic procedures each year, and there are many misconceptions about who these patients are. The truth about who is having plastic surgery might surprise you. It is assumed that women who go under the knife are vain. While some opt for surgery strictly to look better, the truth is that many choose … Read More

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