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May 2014

Rhinoplasty in Las Vegas: Open, Closed, or Non-Surgical?

Nose jobs used to be cookie cutter procedures that were obvious and utilized the same methods for almost every patients. But times, technology and skills have changed to provide surgeons and patients with options to reduce recovery time and ensure a natural-looking new nose using a variety of rhinoplasty techniques. The Open Rhinoplasty Your plastic surgeon will … Read More

Dr. Michael Edwards inaugurated as President at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Meeting

Dr. Michael Edwards is embarking on a new path in his long illustrious career by partnering with fellow plastic surgeons Dr. Goesel Anson and Dr. Terrence Higgins. This new partnership is now known as “Anson, Edwards and Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Edwards’ Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialty Dr. Edwards’ particular specialty is the … Read More

Know Your Rights: Truth in Advertising for Medical Professionals Enforced in Nevada

The Clark County Medical Society’s mission is to ensure that the needs of doctors, patients and the community are met in a responsible manner. As president-elect of the society, these concerns are some of our very own Dr. Michael Edwards’ top priorities. One way that Dr. Edwards and the Clark County Medical Society will uphold their mission … Read More

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