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Plastic Surgeons Say Stigma Around Cosmetic Enhancement Is Fading

Cosmetic procedure stereotypes fade as understanding spreads, according to Anson, Edwards & Higgins, a group of board-certified plastic surgeons in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada (April 2015) — The partners at Anson, Edwards & Higgins (, a group that includes 3 of the top board-certified plastic surgeons in Las Vegas, say cosmetic enhancement is becoming more popular as people understand the role it plays in boosting an individual's confidence.

"I think we've seen over the past few years a shift in the public's opinion about cosmetic procedures," Dr. Michael Edwards says. "There is an increased awareness of the positive effect cosmetic enhancement can have on someone's life, which has led to patients being more open about their plastic surgery choices."

The Las Vegas surgeon is president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, whose annual statistics show that Americans have spent more than $12 billion a year on cosmetic procedures in the past 2 years — the most since 2008.

Those numbers indicate that both women and men — who account for about 10% of all cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. — are looking to surgical and non-surgical solutions for enhancing their appearances.

A recent survey published by RealSelf, a leading online forum for people considering cosmetic procedures, found that "87% of American women ages 18-64 are unhappy with at least one part of their body, with up to one-third of them willing to go as far as plastic surgery to increase confidence in their appearance."

The willingness of celebrities to not only publicly acknowledge having had cosmetic surgery, but to open up about their reasons for doing so and say how happy they are with their decisions is also helping erode the stigma surrounding cosmetic enhancement, the surgeons say.

"The availability of information about plastic surgery is another reason there is more acceptance," Dr. Terrence Higgins says. "Our patients come to consultations well-informed about the procedure they are considering and knowing what to look for in a plastic surgeon, such as the importance of board certification."

In their Las Vegas practice, facial rejuvenation specialist Dr. Goesel Anson says, "patients are often aware of new products that are available, including advanced non-surgical treatments that can give them excellent results with little to no downtime."

Patients want to benefit from the technological advances that are occurring, such as the development of CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing and the introduction of highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants.

"It's common in Las Vegas for women to come to our practice wanting to replace older implants with the firm-stable implants because they generally look and feel more natural," says Dr. Edwards, who specializes in breast augmentation revision surgery.

Even though patients often do want to maintain privacy, the surgeons at Anson, Edwards & Higgins say the growing acceptance of cosmetic enhancement is a positive step as individuals don't feel they are being judged.

"Patients come to our office for a number of reasons," Dr. Higgins says. "But whether they want to look a bit more youthful or increase the size of their breasts, most say they want to feel more confident in their appearance, and they aren't trying to hide that."

Selecting an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon is the first step when considering cosmetic enhancement. Request a consultation online to meet with one of the surgeons at Anson, Edwards, & Higgins, or call (702) 822-2100 to speak with a member of our staff who can help schedule an appointment.

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